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At a very young age, Ger's awareness of reality was already existing in an expanded framework of perception. A simple bee-sting experience at the age of 8, followed by a head injury, initiated a rollercoaster ride of universal realisations, connections and healing manifestations. As a child Ger experienced many revelations, like that of : "we are all swimming in the same swimming-pool of energetic consciousness, what we do in that swimming pool affects all of us. We are all part of each other. There is no separation." He began to experience other peoples pain and suffering as his own, and was driven by a deep passionate calling to work to heal it.

A Native of Cork in the south of Ireland, as a teenager, Ger began the study of oriental martial arts. He progressed to study and practice the Oriental Healing Arts, and became a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A graduate of the Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland, he continued his studies in the Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and afterwards in the Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopaedics in China. He worked in several hospitals in China and Inner Mongolia. He has studied and taught Shaolin Chi Kung and Tai Chi. He returned to Cork to set up and run an Acupuncture Clinic which became an accredited supervisory clinic for the Acupuncture Foundation.

A few years later, Ger went on to train in Pranic Energy Healing with the Institute of Inner Studies in Manila in the Philippines with Master Choa Kok Sui. It was in Manila also that he experienced, studied and researched psychic surgery.  Ger has been studying Metaphysics for over 20 years, and has been studying Astrobiology since 2013. 

He has also studied Bio-Energetic Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Breathwork, Sacred Tantra, and he is a Reiki Master. In later years he has gained knowledge and experience from Hopi, Navaho, and Choctaw, First nations Medicine and Spirituality, and also pre-Celtic Druidic traditions, which opened and empowered him as many traditional abilities emerged from his own Celtic & Nordic Blood Lines.

Since early 1997 Ger went through a profound purification process and training, working on himself at a Cellular and Core Genetic level. This process cleared out years of old emotional and physical trauma and conditioning. It completely changed Ger's reality and opened up a profoundly deep connection and insight into universal intelligence.  High transmissions of Sacred healing energies started to pour through him as streams of High consciousness and Illumination, deepening and expanding his birth gift. These transmissions continued and have never stopped.

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Ger has lived and worked in Belfast, Northern Ireland, working with groups and individuals, ex-paramilitaries, ex prisoners, and survivors of trauma, he has also worked in Bosnia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil, and many other countries over the years. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii, while also learning from local powerful Aboriginal Elders, Maori Teachers, and Hawaiian Kahuna Healers. 

He has researched, experienced and worked with Umbanda Trance Mediums and Psychic Surgery in Brazil. He has explored Sacred Chant, Mantras and Free Vocal Expression in Ireland, London and California. He has worked with His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet. He has also been a Spiritual Advisor and Guide to political leaders in various countries and is regularly invited to speak and appear in T.V. and radio broadcasts and humanitarian forums in different countries.

Throughout the years Ger has lived a life of "High Risk" - risking everything - even his own life, to gain the deepest truths, and bring illumination, healing and freedom. His life has been threatened on occasions by those wishing to conceal corruption and abuse of power. He refused to be silenced or intimidated.

At one point some years ago, in an unmerciful and savage attempt to discredit, destroy and silence him, Ger was viciously attacked and brutally traumatised. It left him in an extreme state of constant pain, and with a very badly damaged body. Ger was driven and inspired to survive and four harrowing years later, his healing gift had paid off and the healer completely healed himself.

In the long run, this experience led him to receive an incredibly deep first hand insight and understanding of how trauma operates in the body, how the body deals with it and how it is possible to heal it. "Anything is possible."

In his search and striving and determination to heal and bring himself back to a functional life, Ger again realised the deeper magnitude of what is possible and the potential that we all carry. He learned to unlock and transmute trauma at a deep core level in himself and then do the same with others. This living -nightmare- experience, in time, turned into a potent ability, bringing greater clarity and magnifying and multiplying Ger's healing power and expansion of consciousness. He unlocked ancient secrets of transmutation. The mystic ability to turn darkness into light -"Lead into Gold"- Pain into Love......... "The darkest night can be followed by the brightest dawn" - "The greatest Love can sometimes lead to the greatest pain, and in turn the greatest pain can bring the greatest Love."

He now travels and works internationally with groups, and communities, devoting his entire life to healing, spiritual awareness, personal and global growth, and self realisation, opening us up to the limitless potential and possibilities of our true expression for life's mystery.

"In A Time Of Universal Deceit - Telling The Truth Is A Revolutionary Act" (George Orwell)

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