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The easiest and cheapest way to pay for workshops is with cash,
or cheque, to do this, please simply contact the appropriate


To pay with credit card, it's a little more expensive due to paypal fees,
Please add a small fee of 3%, you can scroll down this page and 
click on the 
“DONATE" button and state clearly
the event you will be attending. 

 Thanks for your support. We look forward to
seeing you at a workshop soon!


Due to some recent challenges with paypal buttons, until further notice, if you wish to use a credit card for workshop payments, you can do it directly through the DONATE BUTTON, just add 3% and state the amount and whichever workshop you attend, and inform your local organiser. If you have any difficulty please contact your local organiser. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience !  






Image: Clan Spiral



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